10 bulbs - Habenaria radiata - White Egret Flower

This terrestrial orchid, rare, native to Japan, is stunningly beautiful in spite of a very small size. Its summer bloom resembles a flock of doves, with every immaculate white flower blooming like a bird taking flight, wings outspread. These flowers are not only beautiful; they also have a delicate scent.

Cultivation of this orchid is best for well-seasoned gardeners.

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RangeCollection Garden
FloweringJuly, August
Height20-30 cm
ExposureSun, Semi-shade
HardinessSemi-Rustique (-5°C)
PresentationBulbe mature (floraison dans l'année)

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This bulbous plant requires light soil, water and mild temperatures. It cannot stand frost.

The bulbs of the white egret flower are small pea-sized bulbs. They should be planted in pots in the spring, to facilitate their winter hibernation.

The white egret flower is a plant of marshy but permeable soil that dries up in autumn. That’s why it’s important that its substrate remains moist throughout the growth period. The white egret flower grows preferably in a moist, well-drained and cool soil, in a sunny location.

Select a pot with holes and add a layer of gravel or lava stone to the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage. Add sand and lava stone to a light potting soil. You can also use perlite mixed with sphagnum moss. Plant the tubers 1 cm deep and 10 cm apart, fill with potting soil, pack well and water abundantly.

Watering should be regular and light during the growing season. The substrate should remain slightly moist until the foliage starts to turn yellow in late summer. Before the frost, the pot should be placed in a room with a humid atmosphere, without watering it until the following spring.


A sunny location is ideal.

Throughout the seasons…

It is a cold zone orchid that grows best between 12 and 16° C. However, it cannot tolerate frost. It has 7 graminiform leaves, between 5 and 20 cm long, and 4 cm wide each. New leaves develop each year in the spring, beginning as small growths that develop during the summer. They are arranged alternately at the base, gradually revealing a single stem that will become an unbranched floral stem with a maximum height of 50 cm. It is a deciduous species. Flowering starts from mid-July and ends in late August, early September.

The floral stem carries from 1 to 8 flowers, each about 4 cm wide. The petals are pure white while the sepals are simple, small and green. The flower has three main lobes, the two largest extending laterally and strongly fringed, while the central lobe is simple, elongated, pointing downwards. This plant will delight collectors and gardeners, who will compose wonderful plant arrangements with it.


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