The Blue Hyacinth orchid (Bletilla striata ‘Blue Dragon’) is a new selection of hardy terrestrial orchid. Easy to grow in all gardens, it forms in spring time nonchalant tufts of leaves from which emerge stems adorned with small purplish blue flowers.

 A good plant for woodland gardens, it loves partial shade, in any good garden soil that remains cool. It will accompany perfectly the classic varieties of Bletilla such as Bletilla striata 'purple' or Bletilla striata 'alba'.

In order to make you discover this superb new variety of hyacinth orchid, Phytesia offers temporarily and only during the winter dormancy period assortments of bulbs ready to plant. These bulbs are available in packs of 3, 5 or 10 pieces. Each bulb carries a minimum of 2 germs which will ensure beautiful flowering from the end of spring ....

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Bletilla are very proliferating garden orchids

This new terrestrial orchid comes directly from Japan, where it was created a few years ago. Its commercialization is only recent. This plant is a blue variety of the Bletilla striata.

This orchid, is not demanding in terms of soil type, provided it is rich in humus, and cool in summer. It adapts well to most of our climates. It loves sheltered, bright places, but must never be exposed to burning sun. Its leaves will disappear in case of frost, but they will regenerate in early spring. Plant the Bletilla Blue Dragon in clear and damp undergrowth, or even near water points, amongst arisaemas, ferns or plantain lilies.

Bletilla orchids can also be cultivated in pots to enhance your balconies, in partial shade