We guarantee

We respect the biological rhythms of plants. We do not store the plants in cold storage and does not sell plants bred in greenhouses, esthetically nice but fragile.

Our hardy orchids are growing high in their pots, outside or in unheated greenhouse open, in conditions similar to those of a garden. Thus, the plants you will receive will of course be adapted to the European climate and "accustomed" to resist temperatures largely negative ... All our varieties are grown and between 2 and 5 years before commercialization. Plants sold on this site are adult plants (flowering in the year).

All our plants are delivered in 1l jar (containing the appropriate substrate). Depending on the time of your order, you'll receive a dormant plant (fall - winter bulbs or underground rhizomes in their pot), or a growing plant (spring: orchid vegetation). We do not deliver the plants during flowering to avoid damaging it.

We control the quality of each of our plants before shipment, and compliance of the package with the command. If a plant seems small, we put it aside.

If, despite our efforts, you were disappointed with a plant you received, please send us an email to info@phytesia.com.