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    Gymnadenia are wild orchids that are very common on the European continent.


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    • Botanical rarities  The orchids in this category are extremely rare botanical varieties. Some of them are delicate plants that are less tolerant than the orchids in the 'Easy Garden' category. They are more suitable for a connoisseur audience... A plant of the plains as well as of the mountains, the Fragrant Orchid generally grows in full light. It is a...

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    • Botanical rarity Gymnadenia odoratissima is a generally slender and smaller plant than its congeneric Gymnadenia conopsea. The species is also more stable in its shape and the pale pink colour of its inflorescence. It has a very strong vanilla fragrance. This orchid usually survives in open areas that are often more humid than the typical areas of...

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items